I had initially planned on posting periodically on the (dissertation) “process”, from proposal to advanced data hearing to defense. Then life happened – I moved back to Thailand and completely missed out on describing the journey. I suppose I should retroactively describe the experience, but hindsight bias and not writing ‘in the moment’ may dampen what should have been a fresher account.

In any case, the manuscript is officially uploaded on Columbia’s Academic Common.

My advisor recounted how her defense never felt official until she “physically” handed her dissertation in. Mine feels official now that it’s uploaded on GoogleScholar. 2014, man.

Social-Organizational Psychology

Several people have asked me over the years exactly what is covered in ‘social-organizational psychology’. Social-Organizational psychology refers to the name of our program at Teachers College, Columbia University, housed within the Organization & Leadership department. It’s complicated to explain because it merges two fields that are not traditionally merged together (e.g., like say ‘industrial-organizational’ […]


Multiple dimensions to Thailand’s confict

Thailand’s political conflict has become intractable, dragging on for at least seven years with no end in sight. Analysts employ different frameworks to explain what drives the conflict. This is based on how they approach the situation, what they emphasize and the options they consider for conflict resolution. My essay is an attempt to make […]


BEWD Day 11 – 12

Authentication This week, we have a lab session to continue working on movie_app getting us into Authentication while setting us up for Association. For the movie_app, we apply the lessons from shirts_app including: basic CRUD actions (create, read, update, destroy); creating partials for forms and movie lists. This continues to re-iterate the prominence of the […]


BEWD Day 9 – 10

Last week, we fired up our first Rails app and began looking at the MVC (model, views, controller) framework. Jamal was right, an understanding of Rails is built on a foundation of classes, object, sharing behavior, and inheritance from Ruby. Even then, Rails has enough of its own ‘magic’ to continue to make it challenging […]